20 KLD Effluent Treatment Plants


• Textiles (Spinning – Weaving, Dyeing, Printing, Washing) Industries.
• Garment & Apparel (Dyeing, Washing) Industries.
• Paint & Pigment Industries.
• Frozen Meat, Vegetable – Fruit Industries.
• Food – Beverages & Allied Industries.
• Hospitals & Medical Colleges.
• Chemical & Pharmaceutical.
• Sugar and Distilleries.
• Plastic Moulding Industries.
• Metal Refining Industries.
• Automobiles Industries.
• Electro-Plating/ Surface Coating Industries etc.


SAF Engineers ETP is a compact, optimum designed in terms of treated water quality and operating cost, state of art technology in Physico-Chemical or in combination of Chemical – Biological Treatment. The key factor in designing of any ETP is, understanding of the process and we have an experience of more than 25 years on the same. We have added additional advanced technologies like Electro-coagulation, Advanced Oxidation Process etc. to handle complex effluents within optimum operating cost and low footprints.

These systems are user friendly i.e. simple to operate (perform on simple chemical treatment methods followed by Filtration process) and maintain. The only care is the handling of chemicals which may harm the person & environment, if not taken care of properly.
The Sludge generated during treatment process is hazardous in nature, hence must be disposed suitably
accordingly to local/ regional laws.

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Dimensions 2000 × 2400 × 1600 cm


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